Surajpur Wetland - Natural Forest

Management Interventions

WWF India gave important ecological conservation inputs from time to time to develop this area as an important wildlife refuge. Forest Department and Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority implements the inputs given by WWF India for the development and management of Surajpur wetland. However there are following important suggestion given by WWF India.

  • Removal of water hyacinth and other aquatic weeds.
  • Plantation of indigenous fruiting varieties.
  • Embankment and nature trails established.
  • Development of visitor zone- lawns and pathways.
  • Creation of mounds and development of heronry in the water body.
  • Regular cleaning of intake canal.
  • Selective fencing on the outskirts.
  • Watch Towers constructed for monitoring purposes as well as attracting tourist.
  • Relevant signage's developed
  • Research cum Nature Interpretation Centre proposed
  • Construction of approach road and basic amenities for tourists

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