Surajpur Wetland - Natural Forest

Do's & Don'ts for Birding


  • Armed with good binocular, camera and field guide.
  • Early mornings are the best times for birding.
  • Have some light snacks and put water bottle.
  • Wear camouflaged or dull coloured clothes.
  • Keep your eye on bird and listen for calls and song.
  • Estimate general size and shape of the bird.
  • Make a note of facial markings and bill characteristics.
  • Look for wing bars and tail shape.
  • Observe leg colour and length
  • Study movement and flight patterns
  • Determine feeding habitats
  • Describe habitat, region and climate
  • Record your observations


  • Don't disturb the birds and other wildlife
  • Don't make a noise, keep silence
  • Don't listen song or music
  • Don't litter in the area, use dustbins
  • Don't carry firearms
  • Don't wear bright coloured clothes and soft sole shoes
  • Don't use vehicle during birding, walk on foot with in protected area

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